• 1) Which ski area is right for me?

    Chatel ski area:

    It extends over two areas: Super-Châtel / Barbossine, and Linga-Pré la joux - Plain Dranse. The CHATEL ski-pass is also valid all over the Swiss ski area of Torgon, over the “Corbeau” ski area in Morgins (Switzerland) as well as over the Braitaz ski area in la Chapelle d’Abondancee (The Panthiaz Cable-car)

    • 130 Km of pistes
    • 72 Pistes
    • 57 ski lifts
    • 1 Snowpark
    • 1 fun area
    • 1 Boarder-cross course





Portes du soleil ski area

  • 2 countries
  • 12 resorts
  • 650 Km of marked pistes
  • 200 ski lifts
  • 9 Snowparks
  • 3 Half-Pipes
  • 4 boardercross courses

Season or holiday pass?
  • The season pass is valid from the opening of the resort and up to the closure of the ski lifts. With a season pass you can ski whenever you like without having to go to a ticket counter. The season ski pass allows you to ski quite freely without the constraint to pass in cash register and buy a pass every time you want to ski. It offers a very important tapering rate besides which are applied 3 levels of promotional discounts to the CHATEL ski pass, according to the periods of purchase which are the following ones:
    - From July 1st till September 30th, 2013: 30 % discount
    - From October 1st till November 31st, 2013: 25% discount
    - From 1st till 8 December 2013: 20% discount
  • The holiday pass is valid for the duration of your stay. For a one-week holiday, the preferred option of skiers is a 6-day pass valid from Sunday to Friday inclusive, which enables you to save the cost of more than one day's skiing. The lift pass price structure is such that the more days the pass is valid for the cheaper the price per day works out.
  • 2)What reductions are available?
    • The Tribu pass: (-10%) is only for the CHATEL ski area and applies to a 'family' of a minimum of 4 people, of which at least 1 must be an adult and 1 a child or youth. It is available for any period of validity from 5 hours to 15 days.
    • The Portes du Soleil Family pass: (-10%) is available to a family comprising a minimum of 4 people (2 adults and 2 children) for any period of validity from 6 days to 15 days.
    • Saturday or weekend: a special price for skiing on a Saturday (€26,50) or a weekend (€49) only. Set price not subject to conditions.
    • Early booking offer: (-10%) applicable to the Portes du Soleil ski area for lift passes purchased via the Internet only, before 9 December.
    • Student price: 10% reduction on the adult price for the CHATEL lift pass on presentation of a student card, on sale at ticket counters only.
  • 3) What are the age categories?

    Reductions cannot be used in conjunction with each other. For further information: 00. 33.450.73.34.24

    • Child: aged 5 to 15 years inclusive
    • Youth: aged 16 to 19 years inclusive
    • Adult: aged 20 to 64 years inclusive
    • Senior: aged 65 to 74 years inclusive
    • Super Senior: from age 75, not available online, from ticket counters only, on presentation of identity card or passport.

    Reductions cannot be used in conjunction with each other.


Practical, Easy, Quick and Secure

Hands-Free – Top-up card

  • Lift passes purchased online are compulsorily issued on "Internet Hands-Free"-type magnetic and electronic cards designed to be kept in a pocket and read remotely by the terminal at the bottom of each ski lift used. For new customers who are not already in possession of an ISO-type card with an Internet or WTP top-up number issued by a resort in the Portes du Soleil, the top-up card is available online when placing an order.

3 major advantages

  • Practical: the card stays in your pocket, eliminating the risk of loss or damage.
  • Environmentally friendly: the card can be used from season to season and eliminates the need to print out a pass on non-biodegradable glazed cardboard each time you visit.
  • Fast: you can now top up your passes online without having to go to a ticket counter, saving valuable time.


The top-up card bears a unique code comprising 14 digits and letters (the Internet or WTP number). This code is in the following format: XXXXXXXX XXX-XXX, made up of the digits 0 to 9 and the letters A to F.
This number is displayed on your card. It should not be confused with the card number which begins with 477, since this is not used when topping up online.
If your card does not bear an Internet or WTP number or if you cannot read it, please contact the sales department on 00.33.450.81.37.38


There are 2 types of bonus points:

  • When purchasing lift passes on a "hands-free" card, the customer accumulates points. When he has acquired 200 points he qualifies for a free day's skiing in the Portes du Soleil ski area. Bonus points can be accumulated over several years. The accumulation of points from more than one card is not permitted. Bonus points have no monetary value; only cards with 200 points or more entitle the holder to one free day in the Portes du Soleil.
  • Bonus points acquired from online top-ups can only be combined with bonus points from other online purchases; similarly, bonus points obtained from purchases at a cashdesk can be combined only with others also obtained from cashdesk purchases.
  • Internet points do not appear on your card. You can check the total number of points you have accumulated at any time on the website under 'my account'.
  • You can use your BONUS day once your lift pass has run out or for a separate day's skiing!


The different steps:

  • If you already bought ski passes on this website : Log in to your account, otherwise:
  • Order your top-up card if you do not already have a Portes du Soleil or Châtel card with an Internet number.
  • If you do have a card with this number, enter the Internet number
  • Go to the store page
  • Choose the type of pass you want: Châtel or Portes du Soleil.
  • Choose the period of validity of your pass: Season, Individual, Family, Weekend.
  • Enter the Last Name, First Name, Sex and Date of Birth of each person.
  • Confirm your order.
  • Enter your contact details and choose whether you want to be sent the passes to the address of your choice or pick them up at the central ticket office in the resort.


Payment must be made at the time of ordering. Payment is fully secure and can be made solely by bank card. The cards accepted on the website are Carte Bleue, Visa and EuroCard-MasterCard. American Express and Diners Club cards are not currently accepted.


  • covers the cost of search, rescue, transport, treatment and repatriation,
  • reimburses unused lift passes and ski lessons (subject to the supplementary conditions)
  • reimburses unused lift passes in the event of theft, serious illness and bad weather (subject to the supplementary conditions)
  • reimburses lift passes purchased online in the event of cancellation (subject to the supplementary conditions)
  • The duration of insurance is the same as the duration of validity of the ticket. Remember to bring your order summary with you on holiday. If required, it will provide proof of purchase of insurance and will be essential in the event of an accident.
  • click here for more information on insurance

Only orders that include Snowrisk insurance can be reimbursed (subject to the supplementary conditions).


When placing your order, you will be asked how you want to receive your lift passes. You have the choice between receiving them by post at the address of your choice or collecting them from the central ticket office in the resort centre


Is a photograph compulsory?

If you are ordering a lift pass valid for more than 8 days, a photograph will be required. You can Upload a photograph saved in any of various digital formats (jpg, gif, png), on your device (PC, iPad, camera, etc.).

I have not received confirmation of my order.

It is possible that your computer security settings are set to filter out unwanted emails. Check that the email is not in your spam folder. Otherwise, please contact us by telephone or email. If you have completed the payment stage of the order successfully, it is likely that the transaction is confirmed. We will send you an order confirmation as soon as possible. The confirmation email will be sent from the address

You will find the answers to the vast majority of your questions in the general terms and conditions of online sales, which are available to read on our online sales website.


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